Brian and Nancy (front) with best friend Keillor, Richard and Greg

Live where you work to enjoy an  extraordinary lifestyle

Some folks are born into downtown Port Hope’s unique and eclectic culture, others choose it.


Brian Lindsay was studying at University of Guelph in the 70s when he landed a sweet part-time job at a custom leather shop. Turns out he had a real affinity for the trade.


After school the creativity and craftsmanship of leatherwork led him west where saddlery was in high demand and set him on a course for a career as a leather craftsman.


A decade later, Brian returned to Toronto and purchased Kirkpatrick’s Leather. The business, originally established in 1881, had a proud heritage and strong reputation.


Brian and his wife Nancy first journeyed to Port Hope seeking a weekend destination property. They were smitten and eventually purchased a cottage-style home just off Walton Street. Finally in 2009, a unique building on Cavan Street became available with ideal space for their showroom, office and production studio.


So they moved the business – lock, stock and barrel – and landed steps away from their weekend escape to enjoy Port Hope’s unique live/work lifestyle.


Today, Kirkpatrick’s design and manufacture a wide product line that includes belts, bags, personal and industrial cases, law enforcement duty gear and high end travel bags. They’re also renowned for restoration of high quality furniture and luggage.


After 25 years as owner/operator of Kirkpatrick’s Leather you’d think Brian would be set in his ways. Fact is, he’s highly committed to passing his craft along to a young apprentice as faint plans for succession begin to stir.


Dreaming of owning a high quality custom leather piece? If you can dream it, chances are, Kirkpatrick’s can deliver it.