Grace, Business Owner (left) with Gary, Landlord

Invest in your heritage holding and you’ll have terrific tenants


Grace had been in business as owner and operator of Mad Monkey Clothing on Walton Street for over five years when she learned she would have a new landlord. The previous landlord was a local small business owner who understood Port Hope and appreciated the challenges of retail.


“When I found out the new building owner was from Toronto with a background in the financial industry, I was nervous about what it would mean for my business.”


Grace’s fears were for naught.


Meet Gary.


After years of long work days navigating the underground mazes of downtown Toronto, he was ready for a lifestyle change and was eager to explore the possibilities of commercial property investment to provide a reasonable income.


On the advice of his real estate agent he investigated options in Port Hope.


The market in Port Hope offered an ideal accessible location and reasonable investment levels. The picturesque downtown core had a unique heritage and an impressive commitment to downtown revitalization.


“There are many events in the town throughout the year to attract tourists and there are several large businesses that enable the town to thrive.”


Gary purchased a restored building in the centre of town with a high quality tenant.

He is committed to protecting his investment by keeping the site in top shape with ongoing interior and exterior maintenance.


“I do my part to make sure the building site contributes to my tenant’s fresh and energetic brand. It’s a symbiotic relationship with a shared goal of success. And that, in turn contributes to the success of neighbouring downtown property and business owners.”