Bob, Business and Property Owner (right) with Chef Darryl and Cameron, Hotel Manager

Tap local talent. There’s loads right here.

Dr. Bob Sanderson didn’t set out to be a downtown land owner and employers. He came to Port Hope to provide community veterinary services.


His practice and specialty consulting service spanned Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto and internationally. Yet through it all, Northumberland and Port Hope remained “home.”


The long-time resident had a special interest in the history of the town and simply couldn’t look the other way when The Little Bluestone House built by the son of Elias Smith, Port Hope’s founder, was set for demolition in the mid 70’s.

Bob bought the building and undertook the extensive restoration project sparking a passion for historic buildings and earning him a Heritage award.


Bob has since restored several historic buildings including The Waddell Hotel (circa 1853) on the corner of Mill and Walton home to his Trattoria Gusto restaurant. His latest project was another building on Walton Street where he opened “Black Bean Steakhouse and Lounge”.

Some might wonder about Bob’s choice to open two fine dining establishments within a block of each other. But Bob knows that people want choice and competition drives quality and business growth.


Although Bob owns the buildings and the businesses, he credits the success to dedicated and talented staff of 40.


“There’s plenty of local talent in Port Hope. Why shouldn’t there be opportunities for talented chefs and hospitality professionals to live and work here.”

You do not have to go out of the area to get superb food and luxury accommodation at reasonable prices. In fact you can get almost anything you want locally.