Business Planning


Every business needs a road map to point the way to success - and we can help you create it. We've put together easy-to-use information to assist you in planning your business strategy, an important step in setting your business objectives.





Business Plan

Your business plan is one of the most effective management tools available. By committing your plans to paper, you'll be better able to anticipate and meet future challenges. It also serves as the mode of communication between entrepreneurs and sources of financial capital when the need arises.


There are many models and templates available on-line to help you write your Business Plan so choose one that best suits your needs. These Business Plan Guidelines will help you get started.

You can also use this guide: Writing a Business Plan and Starting a Business


Financial Planning

Financial Planning includes budgeting for your revenue and expenses, auditing your assets and liabilities, and understanding your cash flow so you can plan for seasonal fluctuations.


View or download financial planning tools in pdf or fillable formats below.


Market Data Report

2013 market data for the downtown trade area including Demographics, Household Expenditure Estimates and Busines Mix Analysis is available upon request. Contact the Director of Economic Development here or call 905-885-2431.


Tools for employers

This HR Toolkit is made available through the Retail Council of Canada and includes sample job descriptions, job postings, interview tips and more.


Click here to download this free guide for retailers.




Succession Planning

Over the next five years, more than one third of small-and mid-sized business owners in Canada will be leaving their businesses. (According to study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, October 2006)


There are many options for succession. The most common are:

  1. Family transition: Transfer or sale of your business to a family member

  2. Management or employee buy-out: Sale of your business to one or several members of your management team, employees, or both. This is an interesting option for business continuity as your successors are already familiar with your operations and share the company’s values, culture and mission.

  3. External sale to a third party: Sale of your business to your partners, investors or even competitors

Click here to download the Entrepreneur's Guide to Succession Planning prepared by the Business Development Bank of Canada.


Resources Guides

The Guide to Resources for Business and Property Owners in Downtown Port Hope provides basic information on doing business in the Heritage District.


The Port Hope New Business Guide, intended as a guide for new businesses within the Municipality of Port Hope, provides tips and resources on starting a new business.





Garbage and recycling collection in Port Hope is managed by the County of Northumberland. Waste in downtown is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays. For more information, please call the County Waste Recycling Hot Line at 1-866-293-8379.



If you're planning a grand opening for your new business or special event we can help you spread the word. You may also wish to invite local dignitaries and media representatives. For support, contact Economic Development by email here or by phone 905-885-2431.



Each year 40,000 copies of Port Hope's Visitors’ Guide are distributed through provincial information centres, other tourist communities, chambers of commerce and national consumer shows. Throughout the year, local co-op advertising opportunities arise. Maximize your promotional budget by taking advantage of collective initiatives. For more information call 905-885-2004 or send an email here.



Expand the reach of your promotions by utilzing your favourite social media platforms. Many HBIA members are on Facebook. You can make a start by creating a Page linked to your personal Facebook Page.





Click here for the Facebook Resources Guide

Click here for 10 Ways to Find More Local Facebook Fans

Click here to consult a Social Media Glossary

Click here to view Facebook Marketing tips for small businesses

Click here to view 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses just getting started


Build momentum by Liking and Following your downtown neighbours' business pages. The HBIA posts to /downtownporthope and the Tourism Team posts to /PortHopeTourism.


Need help? Find a page that you like and ask that business owner for guidance. Social Media is all about sharing ideas and opinions.


Provincial and Federal Government

Provincial and Federal Government websites offer comprehensive information on starting and growing your business.  



The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF)) is Toronto's first entrepreneurship program focusing on the needs of newcomer business owners.


Ontario Immigrant Network offers resources for newcomer business owners and entrepreneurs.



Government of Canada's business start-up checklist.


Government of Canada's restaurant start-up checklist.


Service Canada has links to resources for newcomer business owners.


Futurpreneur Canada has resources for entrepreneurs aged 18 through 39, with special programs for newcomers.


Startup Canada is a grassroots movement for advancing newcomer entrepreneurship in Canada


Business Owners Idea Café has programs, motivations, ideas, networks, contests and more for entrepreneurs.


Newcomer Entrepreneurs Network is an online network for newcomer business owners who share business and networking resources with each other.



If you don't find the answers to a topic of interest or if you have any concerns call 905-885-2431 or send an email here.