Community members and stakeholders along with design professionals, met to explore the physical design challenges and opportunities for a Downtown Port Hope Development Plan.


The Development Plan is a blueprint for direction and guidance. The Plan is flexible to allow modifications due to process and change and will be developed through community based input and implemented through further detailed design over time.


On November 19, 2013 Council endorsed the Downtown Port Hope Design Development Plan and recommended that identified short term actions be brought forward for annual budget consideration.”


As a direct result of the Plan the Municipality is moving forward with a series of projects approved in the 2014 Capital Budget.


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Click here to view the Development Plan 


Developing a Strategic Plan was an essential component of the comprehensive approach to downtown revitalization as the Strategic Plan becomes the community’s blueprint for downtown revitalization for the next two to three years.


Port Hope’s Downtown Revitalization Strategic Plan was developed by the Port Hope Downtown Revitalization Management Committee as a result of input from the Community Forums and workshops and the Committee’s analysis of the survey data collected.


The Strategic Plan, endorsed by Council in September 2014,  is a vehicle reflecting stakeholders’ project goals, objectives and recommendations.


Click here for the Downtown Revitalization Strategic Plan


Survey Results

The Revitalization process involved looking at all existing Downtown reports and studies to determine what had already been implemented and what remained relevant to consider.

Surveys seeking feedback and ideas from our business and residential community were undertaken to assess the pulse of the Downtown core.



The top five priority actions identified by businesses for the Downtown were:

  1. Joint marketing and promotion of the Downtown

  2. Hours of operation to be resolved

  3. Financial incentives for building upgrades and redevelopment of upper floors.

  4. Bring new businesses to the Downtown core

  5. Increase Downtown activities and events.


The majority of over 900 surveyed shoppers would like to see in the downtown area:

  1. Greengrocer / Grocery store.

  2. More restaurants.

  3. Wider range of clothing stores.


The top priority actions identified by more than 400 residents were:

  1. Hours of operation to be resolved.

  2. New stores, more variety and more affordable product selection.


Click here for the Downtown Commercial Retail Survey Results Report

Click here for the Resident Survey report